The Tenth, and Final, Commandment

Hi y’all! Welcome back for the conclusion of the commandments! I hope you had some enjoyment out of all of this. Next week is something new! Not sure what just yet, but there are ideas percolating. Traditionally, the last commandment comes from Exodus 20:17 and Deuteronomy 5:21 and is, “neither shall you covet you neighbor’s … Continue reading The Tenth, and Final, Commandment


The Ninth Commandment

Welcome back again! Today, I’ll be expounding on the Ninth Commandment. I promise, we’re almost there. This one is traditionally worded as, “neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor”, and comes from Exodus 20:16 and Deuteronomy 5:20. The BCP updates like this, “to speak the truth and not mislead others by our silence.” … Continue reading The Ninth Commandment

Charlottesvile, Nazis, and How to Fight Nazis

Today, I’m going to talk about Charlottesville, white supremacy, and what I think should be done. The tragedy at Charlottesville should never have happened. Proper planning and policing could have prevented it. Instead, it was allowed to spiral out of control. It’s sad that a woman lost her life because she felt the need to … Continue reading Charlottesvile, Nazis, and How to Fight Nazis