What Can We Do???

Hello once again. This week, I’m going to explore how we can prevent mass and school shootings. Sadly, any solution will be imperfect. But doing nothing will change nothing and these need to stop. There have been seven firearm attacks in schools between January first and February fifteenth of this year. Five of those have resulted in injuries or deaths. The total is twenty deaths and thirty three injuries from those five. In forty six days, there have been twenty deaths. That is an average of nearly one death every other day and three injuries every four days. It works out to about one shooting every week. The numbers are from: https://www.snopes.com/2018/02/16/how-many-school-shootings-in-2018/ .This is not acceptable! Not in this country. We have the means to address this, but we won’t. How many people will die before we do something about it?

I want to address Switzerland. They have mandatory military service for men. All men between the ages of 18 and 34 are either active or reserve military. At the end of their term, they are allowed to purchase their service rifles, if they get a special license. Approximately one quarter of Swiss gun owners keep their weapon for either police or military duty. They keep a registry of all gun owners and what guns they own. With the exception of hunting rifles and some semi-autos, all owners must get a permit to own the firearm. The police decide who gets a permit and they do extensive background checks. You must pass tests to to carry for defense. If you have committed a crime, have an alcohol or drug addiction, or are known to have a violent attitude, you cannot own a firearm. Data from: http://www.businessinsider.com/switzerland-gun-laws-rates-of-gun-deaths-2018-2?r=UK&IR=T#most-people-arent-allowed-to-carry-their-guns-around-in-switzerland-12 .

My proposal is to require a background check for every firearm. States must submit data for a universal background check database. There should be a three day waiting period for all firearms purchases. Anyone who has ever been convicted of a violent crime would not be allowed to own firearms and all firearms they currently own would be confiscated. Gun owners would be held liable for crimes committed with their guns if they do not report them stolen in a timely manner. Gun owners would also have to carry liability insurance like car owners do. This is the minimum I’d like to see.

What would be nice is the above coupled with banning high capacity magazines, those over ten rounds. Banning the sale of semi-automatic weapons and instituting a voluntary buyback of already owned semi-automatics. The owning would not be illegal, only the sale of new ones. Used ones would be legal for sale, so long as the conditions in the previous paragraph are met.

With these in place, gun violence would go down. Yes, some of it will become other types of violence. Using a knife, blunt weapons, or explosives is much more difficult. The level of violence would go down and people would still be allowed to own firearms. What I have proposed has been implemented in other countries with success.


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