Hey y’all!  Sorry about the month without posts. I’d like to blame it on something, but I was simply being lazy. Anyway, this week’s post is the last of the nine Virtues of the ADF.

I debated whether to have piety or fertility as the last one in this series. I chose piety because I think it rather neatly finishes off the Virtues. Also, piety is more interesting and difficult. To really understand what piety means in this context, it’s important to start with how Ár nDraíocht Féin, also known as A Druid Fellowship, views the gods. They are hard polytheists, that is, they believe that the gods are real and each is it’s own separate entity and they each have their own desires. That’s one of the things I love about the ADF, they don’t water down what they believe to get more members. And, they are orthopraxic, which means that they don’t care what you believe, only how you worship if you are doing an ADF ritual.

Let’s see what our friends Merriam and Webster have to say about piety:

1: the quality of state of being pious

a: fidelity to natural obligations

b: dutifulness in religion

2: an act inspired by piety

3: a conventional belief or standard

They also list reverence, virtuous, dutiful, and devout. I think I’ll start using a different dictionary since this one loves to define words using the word you want defined.

What is piety?  I like piety as reverence. If you aren’t revering something, you can’t be pious. Virtuous also seems right. Having a set of virtues to follow and following them is pious. Piety should not be confused for following what someone tells you to do. To really have piety, you must have your own relationship with who or what you worship or revere.

Piety sounds a bit like hospitality, doesn’t it?  They both revolve around relationships and honour. Hospitality is more about being there for others, including the gods, and treating them with respect. Piety, on the other hand, is more about how you live your life and is about your relationships with your deities or values.

Doing ritual right is also a large part of piety. In the ADF’s case, it is using their ritual outline when performing an ADF ritual. In other cases, it depends the particular faith. For many, this means attending some sort of ritual on a regular basis. But it could be anything from communing with nature to meditation.

I hope this trip was interesting for you as it was for me. Soon, I will start in on the Ten Commandments. See you next week!



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