Hi y’all!  I’m back to the virtues from the ADF. This week is one of my favorites and one that can easily be misunderstood, fertility. Fertility is more, much more, than it’s obvious definition. It is more than simply having a lot of biological children. Let’s check in with our good friends, Merriam and Webster:

1.a. producing or bearing many crops in great quantities

b. characterized by great resourcefulness of thought or imagination

2.a. affording abundant possibilities for growth or development

b. capable of growing or developing

c. capable of producing fruit

d. capable of breeding or reproducing

And all of that is after thinning it out a bit by removing some of the bits that just don’t apply to this discussion.

For our purposes, fertility means bringing something into reality. Although, I must admit to liking growing and developing as well. It’s about manifesting something, anything,  be it plants, a relationship, or breaking a bad habit.  Fertility is all about change, but not any change. It must be initiated and maintained by you.

How does this play with the other virtues?  Wisdom is used to determine what to create. Courage is needed to actually start your creation. It gets you past the fears that come with something different. Vision lets you see the end and some of the problems that may crop up on the way. Perseverance helps keep you going until the end and to plow through the tough times. Finally, moderation helps you keep from burning out.


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