Welcome back for yet another one of my posts exploring the central tennets of ADF Druidry. Today, I pick on hospitality. This one is my personal favorite. 

What is hospitality all about?  This is a idea that has been around for a long time and most, if not all, ancient cultures practiced a form of hospitality that would be considered radical today. Ancient hospitality was open to all but a very few, and those few usually  had to cross a line. 

Let’s see what our friends Merriam and Webster have to say about hospitality.

hospitable treatment, reception, or disposition


1:a: given to generous and cordial reception of guests

b: promising or suggesting generous and friendly welcome

c: offering a pleasat or sustaining environment

2: readily receptive

I must say that I love this definition. All of it is simply perfect. 

So, what does all of this mean to us?  Well, it is acting in a generous way to all. Treating our guests and our hosts well. Hospitality is a reciprocal relationship. We must respect both our hosts and guests or we are not honoring our commitments to them. Part of respecting our host is being hospitable to the other guests.

All this means we need to treat our host, the earth, better than we have. We are all guests here and we have been treating our host very poorly innded. We should treat all of the other guests here well, too. People deserve respect simply because they are here and we have a duty to help others. Being hospitable demands that we work together to show respect to our host.


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