Genderless Society?

Hi, your friendly, local transwoman blogger here. This is something I see from time to time and this time felt a need to address it. If only we had a genderless society, then there would be no need for trans people to exist. If people could just wear and act how they feel, there would be no transgender people. Yeah, makes me cringe too. There is a basic misunderstanding here that I’ll get to later.

The first question I have is, is a genderless society really desirable?  I don’t think so. First, most people are comfortable with their gender. Second, many people are happy with the idea of gender and it is a core part of our culture. What people don’t want is the idea that there are only two genders, being forced into a gender, or seeing one gender as being less than the other. Usually, what is meant by genderless is male and that bothers me. When you look around, the default is male.

The next question, is a genderless society even possible?  I really don’t think so. We as humans have a tendency to gender inanimate objects, that is how ingrained gender is. As odd as it sounds, I could not own a male car. What is a male car?  I have no idea, it is just a feeling I get when I get behind the wheel. Again, we need to make gender optional and fluid and open to everyone. Gender needs to be free!

Now, one of my favorite ideas, trans people only want to take on the external characteristics of their preferred gender. I don’t know how many transwomen I know that would love to have a period. I know quite a few that dress in a masculine way. I, myself, am a girly-girl and would love to be able to get pregnant. That said, I can and will do ‘masculine’ things like car repair. I know only a very few transmen and even fewer people who are gender fluid, but I like to think that they are no different from the rest of humanity that I have observed. That is, they are all different.  This complaint shows a lack of understanding and familiarity of trans people.

Another of my personal favorites, trans people reinforce the binary. I will admit that I have met some that do this, however most want to crack the nut that is the gender binary. I mostly fit into the binary and I want to see broken open. I’d love to see more people free to play with gender, maybe then we can be less uptight about it. And possibly get past this notion that gender is destiny. I think this would go a long way to having men and women and those who are both and those who are neither all having equality. Trans people show that the idea of a strict gender binary is absurd, and now with the gender fluid getting recognition, it shows just how absurd it really is.

Back to the idea of a genderless society. Supposedly, it removes the need for trans people because we’d be able to dress and act however we want. They are only concerned about the outside. Being trans is about much more than what we wear or how we act, it comes done to who we are. I know that being able to act feminine and dress all girly-girl and being able to wear makeup has not lessened my need for a vagina. No matter how free to be without labels, I’d still be a woman. There is so much that is a part of it, biological, social, personal, spiritual. Everything that makes us us is a part of it.

So, the genderless society is not practical, is not desirable, nor is it going to change anything. I know those who are proposing it mean well, mostly. I really don’t like how the proponents think that it will remove the existence of transgender people.