Intersectionality is an important topic for the trans community and all communities. What is it, you may ask?  Intersectionality merely refers to ways that different types of prejudice and privilege interact. The largest intersectional concern facing the trans community is the treatment of transwomen of color. They get hit with both transmisogyny and racism. Now, … Continue reading Intersectionality


Minimum Wage

I'm going to go a bit off of what I want this blog to cover. But this is too important to not say anything. Actually, there are quite a few things that I really want to write about, so be prepared. So, on to the minimum wage. It is currently $7.25 federally and various other … Continue reading Minimum Wage

Positive Experiences While Dealing with the Medical Community

There are so many poor experiences reported by the trans community with respect to the medical community. I'm not implying that there aren't a lot of problems encountered by the trans community. I know the medical community has far to go before it is anywhere near being trans-inclusive. That said, I think it is also … Continue reading Positive Experiences While Dealing with the Medical Community