Isn’t Christianity Anti Gay?

Hi y'all!  I'm back and with the companion piece to But Isn’t Christianity Anti Trans?.  This week, I'm talking about why Christianity is not inherently anti-gay. This is simply one heretic's opinion, though it is backed up by others. I wish more Christians would try to be like Christ instead of trying to turn Christ's … Continue reading Isn’t Christianity Anti Gay?


But Isn’t Christianity Anti Trans?

Hey y'all!  I may actually be updating regularly again! Today, I'll lecture you about how Christianity is not inherently anti trans. Only Christian idiots think that and I wish they would shut the hell up already. I think next week I'll explore why Christianity isn't anti homosexual. Be a good pairing, nes pas? Why do … Continue reading But Isn’t Christianity Anti Trans?


At the request of my adoptive younger sister, I am going to talk about boobs. Let's start with the words used to describe breasts. Boobs, tits, rack, jugs, melons, boulders, milk duds, fun bags, and so on. There are a surprising number of words for breasts. They get compared to fruit, animals, and various inanimate … Continue reading Boobs