I’m Back!

I'm back after a rather long hiatus. I will post once a week on Thursday at midnight. So, I was gone for so long because my anxiety and depression decided to flare up at the same time. I was quarantining about a year before COVID. Self isolation isn't good for an extrovert, but the anxiety … Continue reading I’m Back!

The Bible

Hey y’all! Sorry about the absence. Not exactly sure why it happened. I was thinking about various topics to write about, and there are quite a few, and this idea just hit me. I don’t talk a lot about my religious beliefs. And I thought maybe I should babble on a bit about how I … Continue reading The Bible


Hey y'all! Sorry about the late update, was rather sick yesterday. Doing quite a bit better today. So, I was thinking about being sick and my very random brain decided to go to trauma. That's this week's topic. What is trauma? Let's see what Oxford has to say. 1. a mental condition caused by severe … Continue reading Trauma